Welcome to Wave, the all-in-one campaign tool crafted to empower grassroots activism and transform voter engagement.With Wave, your passion for change is backed by cutting-edge technology:

  • Empower Every Activist: Requiring almost no training, Wave equips activists with instant access to lists of voters in their neighborhood who might be volunteers, members of your organization, candidates for office, or voters who are not likely to vote without help and encouragement.
  • Forge Stronger Voter Relationships: With Wave’s Smart Notes, organizations and activists share notes about voter contacts over time so everyone can plan for the best conversation each time a voter is approached.
  • Identify and Understand Voters: Wave contains all 8.2M voters in Michigan and includes demographic information, predictions about their political leaning and likelihood to vote, plus a lot more.Wave makes it easy for organizations to create focused lists of voters and automatically assigns them to activists who live or canvas nearby.
  • Focus on Absentee Voting: Wave offers daily tracking of absentee ballots for all Michigan voters and who is on the Permanent Absentee Voter List.One click in Wave quickly shows the absentee voters who have a ballot on their table right now.
  • Anywhere Accessibility: Wave goes where you go, functioning on any web -connected device and offering offline capabilities for uninterrupted campaigning. No app download necessary.
  • Get Going Quickly: Making lists of voters with coordinated messaging is easy to do and easier to share.Wave breaks the list down to precincts and neighborhoods so volunteers immediately see which voters are near them and what they might say.
  • Collect Voter Information: Wave functions as the memory for your organization and shares it with all members, all the time.It’s easy to take notes about voter conversations, create reminders and even remember who has had which yard sign.